Bayern Munich seeks a way to extend Nubel contract despite uncertainty

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Bayern Munich are still trying to look for a way to extend the contract Alexander Nubel. Although the football player is not ready to return to Manuel Neuer’s second hand.

The 26-year-old goalkeeper has been loaned out to Monaco for two seasons by Bayern. Whose contract expires at the end of this season and in the past. Nubel has continued to play with good development.

According to Kicker, Hasan Salihamidzic visited Nuebel in Monaco on Thursday mainly over contract negotiations. which the original has until mid-2025 UFABET

However, Nubel still does not consider that part because he wants to have clarity about his own position in the Bayern Munich team. Which Manuel Neuer is still holding on as the number one permanently.

In addition, if the 36-year-old German national team goalkeeper extends a new contract, Nubel will be ready to find a new team after this because the player wants to play continuously.

However, Salihamidzic admitted that Nobel would not return to the club next season because the 26-year-old wanted to play and be number 1. But after that he did not know.

“It won’t happen in 2023 after that, you have to wait and see. I don’t want to put pressure on opponents, Manuel Neuer is our captain. He didn’t want anyone to put pressure on him. We talked to Alex about how he would like many people to how things proceed. And at some point we had to make a decision.”