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Load up on pints of blueberries the next time you hit the supermarket. Not only are these summertime treats reaching peak ripeness right now, but they’re a smart choice menu year-round in fresh or frozen form.

Not only are they chock-full of the essential nutrient vitamin C, but these berries can also give your body a major boost in other ways: UFABET

Reduced risk of chronic disease: The antioxidants in berries may lower your risk of a whole host of illnesses by limiting inflammation and fighting free radicals.

Better brain health: The flavonoids in blueberries can reduce your risk of cognitive decline and dementia by enhancing circulation and protecting brain cells from damage.

A healthier heart: Some studies have linked eating blueberries with decreased blood pressure. Since they’re loaded with polyphenolic compounds that help your blood vessels, blueberries count as a cardioprotective food.

Are blueberries a superfood?

Most foods high in antioxidants are touted as “superfoods,” but this term isn’t really defined, nor does it have any clear meaning. That said, blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant values of any fruit, making them tiny nutritional powerhouses that pair well with lots of different meals and snacks. Regardless, fill up on more fruits and veggies no matter what. Those are “super” status in our book!