Chelsea for being happy to win over Brighton like a Champions League game.

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Chelsea for being happy to win over Brighton like a Champions League game.

  • Richard Keys slams Chelsea for celebrating victory over Brighton last night
  • Chelsea left with 10 players after Conor Gallagher’s red card
  • They will travel to Manchester United on Wednesday night.

Richard Keyes, the famous pundit from สมัคร ufabet took a jab at Chelsea for celebrating their 3-2 victory over Brighton & Hove Albion last night.

“I think back to myself commenting on Arsenal’s win over Fulham last year,” Keys said.

“But in this game, Chelsea only played Brighton, but they celebrated like a Champions League game. It was funny.”

However, Andy Gray, sitting together in the reception, argued it was an important result for Chelsea, but Keys chided: “Is it really that important?”

Conor Gallagher was sent off by a red card before the end of the first half, but Mauricio Pochettino’s team, with 10 players remaining, were still able to grab the three points. Before they face the Elephants visiting Manchester United this Wednesday night.

Chelsea’s most recent home game lost to Aston Villa 0-1,

resulting in their form being extremely poor, having not won anyone for 3 games in a row. Dropped to 14th place in the table. This season, having just won one match, Mauricio Pochettino is facing heavy pressure. Due to poor performance, playing without shape In addition, lately there have been strange formations, putting players in positions they are not comfortable with. The big problem is that the offensive game hasn’t scored a goal against the opponent for 3 games in a row. There are very few opportunities to shoot on target. 

It must fix urgently. As for the League Cup, last round At home, they beat Wimbledon and advanced to the next round. In this game, there should be an adjustment of the army to give the reserve a chance to play in some positions.